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Welcome to the CryptLoad Wiki

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Instructions to install CryptLoad

  • Go to www.cryptload.info and choose the current version of CryptLoad from the "Download" section (to the upper right). See hardware requirements
  • Unpack the downloaded archive with a RAR-able unpacker, e.g. WinRAR (download), into a folder of your choice (e.g. C:\Program Files\CryptLoad).
  • Now switch to this folder and execute CryptLoad.exe.

First Steps with CryptLoad

During the program's start CryptLoad initializes Plugins and other essential components. This can take a couple of minutes, depending on your system's power.

pic. 1: Loading screen

In the end of that process there will be a check for updates of plugins or capcha-methods available on the net.

CryptLoad automatically downloads available updates.

  • The update function can be disabled in the options section.

Further topics

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